How to dispute an error on your credit report?

How to dispute an error on your credit report? It is our job as mortgage professionals to keep our clients informed about the potential threats an error on their credit report can have on their loan approval.  Many times our clients are unaware of collections or disputes on their credit report and we have to … Continue reading

Single family to spur housing growth

A resurgence in single-family production will spur housing growth in 2014, but challenges to the ongoing recovery remain, according to economists. “My single-family forecast for 2014 is pretty aggressive–822,000 starts which is likely 200,000 more than 2013,” said NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe, speaking at an NAHB conference in Las Vegas. “There are five key … Continue reading

How can homeowners take advantage of the real estate market in 2014?

Southern California has seen home prices appreciating at steady levels in recent years.  It may be great time to look at some of the new opportunities that are presenting themselves to current Southern California homeowners in 2014.  Back in 2011 & 2012 we had some of our clients purchasing homes with great rates and reasonable … Continue reading

Feds Keep the Party Going

The long awaited FED meeting has arrived and now those of us in the mortgage and real estate business can take a deep sigh of relief. Contrary to popular belief, the Fed’s announced that they WOULD NOT begin tapering their purchases of bonds. The Fed stated that they wanted to “await more evidence that progress will be sustained”. … Continue reading